Empirical & Quantitative
Translation & Interpreting Studies

Workshop New Ways of Analysing Translational Behaviour in Corpus-Based Translation Studies


Date: 18-21 September 2013

Venue: Split University, Croatia (on the occasion of the 46th SLE meeting)

Convenors: Gert De Sutter (Ghent University), Isabelle Delaere (Ghent University) & Marie-Aude Lefer (Marie Haps Brussels)

Short description of the workshop:
This workshop brings together advanced quantitative (multifactorial) studies of translated texts (compared to non-translated texts on the one hand and/or source texts on the other hand), building on large-scale, well-structured parallel or comparable corpora, which provide additional evidence for the effect of (language-external) factors on translation behaviour, resulting in a more fine-grained insight into translational tendencies, and which elaborate on explanatory devices uncovered in previous studies; it also investigates to what extent other, complementary methods from related research fields or new data sources can improve the descriptive and explanatory accuracy of corpus-based results.